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A systematic approach to solving problems in laboratory medicine

DIAKON company was founded in 1995 by three employees of the Scientific Center for Biological Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences. One of the first partners with whom DIAKON developed a strong relationship was the German company DiaSys. Inspired by the example of their European colleagues, the scientists set themselves up for an ambitious task — to establish the first production site of reagents for medical laboratories in Russia. They achieved the goal in 1998, when the production of reagents was started at the production base of JSC "DIAKON-DS" in Pushchino. The reagents were in demand, were competitive in price and quality, thus allowing the company to quickly adapt to the market, earn trust and establish itself as a major manufacturer and supplier.

Today, DIAKON Group of Companies includes four companies: the commercial and marketing center JSC "DIAKON", the production enterprise "DIAKON-DS" and subsidiaries — "DIAKON-M" and "Delta-Trade". Thanks to the developed structure, the management of products and customer service are carried out within the group of companies — this allows DIAKON to control all processes: from development of our own products and adaptation of foreign technologies for the Russian consumer to provision of after-sales services.

Dealer Network

DIAKON has an extensive dealer network comprising of 85 regions of the Russian Federation over 11 time zones. More than 235 companies have chosen us as a key partner – a supplier of medical equipment, reagents and consumables. For more than 25 years, we have been conducting our business and providing professional services to thousands of medical organizations in the country.

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Our solutions help hospitals and laboratories in Russia to provide doctors with comprehensive and reliable diagnostic information that allows them to conduct effective treatment in a timely manner and meet the needs of their patients.


Hotline number
JSC "DIAKON", 142290, Moscow Region, Pushchino, Gruzovaya street, house 1A